Lori Ross American, b. 1968

Lori Ross

Born September 16, 1968, Washington, Pennsylvania USA

Currently residing in Boca Raton, Florida, USA (2021)


I cannot remember when I was not consumed with art and the dream of becoming an artist one day. I was always drawing, painting, and endlessly creative. Like most teenage girls in the 80's, I was obsessed with trendy clothing, hair, and fashion. I desperately wanted to leave my small town and move to New York City. In high school, I was encouraged by an amazing art teacher to pursue this obsession and, with her assistance, obtained a scholarship to Wood-Tobe Coburn School for Fashion. In 1986, at just 17 years old, I moved to New York. I lived, studied, worked, and received my Associate Degree in Fashion Marketing Merchandising and Buying there in Greenwich Village. I started my career in retail as an accessories buyer and designing window and store displays. I was recruited by Macy's Corporate Buying Office, working for the Vice President of Men's Private Label, who took me with him to Barney's Private Label (BASCO). 


As my fashion career became more about Public Relations and Marketing, I became less enthused and missed creating artworks. I took advantage of Macy's generous employer's financial contributions towards continuing education and enrolled in some fine arts and art history classes at Parson's School of Design. I increasingly lost interest in the tall, thin models and fashion of the time. While studying Degas, Renoir, and the Renaissance, my passion for the classic female nude ignited.


In 1992 I married and moved to the suburbs of Long Island, Oyster Bay. We had two children, and I loved being a mother and family life. In this peaceful bliss, my creativity and artwork flourished. No longer consumed with earnings or living hand-to-mouth in Manhattan, I now had the time to paint and draw as I pleased. I took up my own education, visiting museums, reading about my favorite artists, studying the masters, and constantly painting and drawing. I learned that a teacher I had often heard of at Parson's, Emily Barnett, instructed a human figure class at the Nassau County Museum of Art and enrolled. She became my mentor, and she taught me to paint live models. I studied with her for 3 years. It was then I began my best work and my paintings of "real women." My painting "Penelope" was chosen for the Museum's Student-Teacher Exhibition and featured in their publication of the show.


As my children entered school, I became extremely interested in how the arts represented their education system. As more and more studies were being released proving the benefits and importance of arts in education, our schools continued to cut back on art and music programs. I obtained a seat on the school board as the PTA chairperson for cultural arts to change this. By raising awareness among other parents and money for cultural programs, I persuaded the school board to make arts a vital part of the curriculum. I successfully lobbied for a full-time art and music teacher in all three schools in our district, as well as a whole-brain teaching program in our grade school. Word spread of my success with the school board, and I started teaching local preschools how to elevate their arts and crafts to include art education. My hands-on teaching began with after school art enrichment classes. As my classes began to fill quickly and word of mouth, spread I started using my at-home studio to teach children of all ages. I put together summer camps and field trips to museums. These teaching opportunities not only kept me close to my children in their younger years but also became one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.


In 2007 I moved back to NYC (Astoria), still consumed with art, more determined than ever. Still trying to turn my passion into my livelihood, I took on any and every artistic opportunity that came my way from Commissions to Body Art (Temporary Tattoos, Henna, and Original Tattoo Design). I made Party favors and Unique decor, and I even did Calligraphy. I found work with interior decorators and did Hand Painted Murals, Venetian Plaster, Trompe-l'oeil, Faux Painting, Mosaic, and Furniture Refinishing. In 2007 I worked on the Cartier holiday design as part of the holiday image team that won MOST CREATIVE USE OF SCAFFOLDING. Martha Stewart Co. personally, requested me to execute Martha's vision for her Christmas Trees at Macy's. I even worked on album art and the music video A Perfect Crime, directed by Carlos Freire song by Virtual Flow https://youtu.be/KX5PRemPyOM


Virtual Flow - Perfect Crime

Virtual Flow @ Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/virtual-flow/id1046174935Virtual Flow's Facebook artist page : https://www.facebook.com/virtualflow...



 . In 2019 my Painting "Girl with Scarf" was featured in Tribeca Days at New York Art 7 Franklin Place.

Now I know, an artist is not something to become. It's something you ARE.